Georgia Stephenson

Meet Georgia, killing it in the workshop and happy as a kid in a candy store when the tool truck shows up.

Name: Georgia Stephenson

Age: 22

Occupation: Heavy Vehicle/ Agricultural mechanic

What does a typical day look like: Most days are pretty different, it depends on the time of year, I spend most of my time on headers, whether it’s pre delivering them or repairing them, the closer it gets to harvest the more time I’m spending getting them ready for the season which involves a lot of repairs and servicing. I spend some days in the workshop and some days out in the field. Some days I get to mix it up and do a repair or service on a tractor or spray unit. There’s always something different happening so it’s never boring!

How did you get into your job: I graduated high school and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, my dad and pop were both mechanics and I spent a lot of time in workshops and sheds and it seemed like the logical move, I eventually found a workshop to put me on. I started my trade as a light vehicle mechanic, and then moved on to heavy vehicle, which was a great choice, I love it. I started at my current job about 8 months ago after becoming qualified and haven’t looked back since!

What are your hopes for the agriculture industry: I would love to see it continue to thrive and continue to create jobs.

What advice would you have to any women or young girls wanting to get into Agriculture: Don’t hesitate, it’s a great industry, push till you make it in and when you’re in work hard and keep working hard. Your best is all you can give, and all most people ask. Most people will be thrilled to see women getting into it, and those who aren’t don’t really matter, don’t let the opinion of the shitty few ruin it for you. Most of all when things get a bit rough, stressful, or people are making it hard for you, keep going, giving up might be the easy option but you will regret it. Nothing feels better than your hard working paying off, and in the end it always does.

3 thoughts on “Georgia Stephenson

  1. Congratulations Georgia, you are a trail blazer and an inspiration to many young woman out there. Great work.


  2. You are amazing Georgia, have always admired your skill and determination, but also what a great write up, just fabulous.


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