Leigh Stewart

Meet Leigh. A self-confessed Jill of all trades. A Chick who has a crack at anything and rocks them all. Keep on rocking Leigh.

Name: Leigh Stewart

Occupation: Farmer/cook/gardener/cattle woman/Airbnb host/vehicle cleaner/rotor unblocker

What does a typical day look like: This literally changes every day. One of the best aspects of farming is the diversity of the tasks, and with each task comes its own set of challenges and (hopefully) rewards. On our family, mixed enterprise farm I assist my husband with cropping operations and have really enjoyed taking on the cattle herd of Poll Herefords. My husband’s parents run a predominately self-replacing merino flock and about 1000 cross bred prime lambs. I can be doing anything from marking calves to steering a windrower or header (and a lot in between)

How did you get into your job: I am a farmer’s daughter and married a farmer. A lifetime of different careers between but am ‘at home’ with farming. I can’t imagine being anywhere else

Have you had any other careers: I have dabbled in retail management, assisting an interior designer, and followed my grandfather leasing hotels.

What are your hopes for the agriculture industry: This is tough question to pinpoint. If I have to have one hope, this is it… I hope Australian generational farm holdings can manage and overcome the growing lists of challenges and achieve outcomes that not only return financial investments, but leave their soil in a more profitable, and diverse state than the generation before them.

What advice would you have for any women or girls wanting to get into agriculture: Take the rants in the sheep yards as yet another lesson in building character 😊And finally, don’t ever think you can’t do something. There are many jobs in farming where women often do it better. I remember my first tractor driving job, disc chaining stubble for my brother about 10 years ago and feeling overwhelmingly proud of what I achieved. There was no looking back from there

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