Syndelle Berry

Meet Syndelle. If you are trying to track her down you might have a job ahead of you. She can be found in the South West or Central West and anywhere in between. And a busy mum to boot. Go Syndelle.

Name: Syndelle Berry

Age: 27 Yrs

What does a typical day look like: There is sometimes more to it than meets the eye. Clerking stock sales, yard maintenance and hosing out, painting out stock through sale, drafting stock, receiving stock, yarding, weighing, counting stock, correctly adjusting stock that may have been miscounted scanning and of course travel just to list a few. The best parts are the big numbers and sleepless nights of a special sale.

How did you get into your job: After finishing my HSC in 2012, I was offered a place at Tocal Ag College, Longerenong Ag College, or a Sales Support Merchandise position with Nutrien Ag Solutions (then Landmark). Having a strong passion for wanting to become a Stock & Station Agent, I chose Nutrien Ag Solutions. I was based in Cowra, NSW before transferring through to Yass over a period of 4 years. In amongst this I was a Jillaroo on 10,000 acres in the South West Slopes.
With a passion for Livestock, mostly cattle, I applied for and was successfully based at SELX. On top of this I now also work under AAM Group through CTLX Carcoar each week and travel to Forbes also. Between the 3 I am in my element and couldn’t be happier.
In amongst all this I am a very proud single mum to a beautiful little 4 year old, Elsie. A proud achievement as well as completing my Certificate of Registration (Stock & Station) back in 2021.
In 2013, I became a member of the NSW RFS. My passion and wearing my heart on my sleeve has shone and further me in being privileged to wear yellow. In 2019/2020 I was a part of the front line at Mudgee, Snowy Mountains Highway, Tumburrumba just to name a few. The devastation seen and agricultural livelihoods affected will always hit close to home. In 2020 I was deployed to Port Macquarie for 5 days being first responders to the severe flooding. To hear peoples losses, see peoples losses and take on board there emotions and mental thoughts will forever be a weight and responsibility I will carry, bringing me to take on Deputy Captain of SWSZ Brigade.
I am currently finishing up my Diploma Early Childhood Education & Care, studying Certificate lV Real Estate Practice – Dual Real Estate and Stock & Station Licence as well as accepting a recent offer in Bachelor of Emergency Management through Charles Sturt University.

What are your hopes for the Agriculture Industry: My hopes would be more women becoming involved and following their passion accordingly. There has become more and more over the years and there is so much room for growth and to chase those dreams. With an uplifting market after years of drought, fire and floods and COVID, fingers crossed that the return for farmers and their livelihoods is a rewarding and continuous one. The agricultural industry has so many open pathways and YOU can choose and pursue whatever you want to when you set your mind to it. Peoples opinions no longer matter unless dealing with clientele.

What advice would you give to any women or young girls wanting to get into Agriculture:
“If the boys give you cheek, give it back twice as much in return”. They soon realise your personality and willingness to learn. The only stupid question is one never asked, as silly as you may feel your better to ask the question 3 times and get the job done properly than not. If your boss runs? Always make sure you’re running to.
Finding a job as I have, and you will never work a day in your life. I get the opportunity to come home and still be a mum and watch her grow. I have found that being an agent may or may not suit the lifestyle I lead however, you never know unless you try. I am very lucky and grateful for those that have pushed me to be better and achieve what I have and still be here after everything I have gone through.
Never turn up to work grumpy, or everyone else will be and that makes a long day.
I’d rather be covered in dirt and dust than wear makeup.

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