Bec Murray

Meet Bec. A Jill of all trades. A chick getting it done, on and off the farm. Oh yeah, and she and her husband are raising three future farmers in there too. Including two year old Chick Who Ag’s junior Charlotte, who had her own feature on our Facebook page.

Name: Bec Murray

Age: 2 yrs off the BIG 40

What does a typical day look like: Gosh it all depends what day of the week or time of the year. Generally, my 2 yr old daughter wakes around 6.30 so I try to get up about 6 to have a hot coffee before she starts her day. Usually, I’m yelling at the boys to get out of bed around 8am but if it is a school day, they are up at 7am.

Usual drop offs at school and day-care then back home to check stock, feed stock, deliver hay, fences repairs, tractor work, etc etc. Paperwork for the 2 committees I am on and I also work 2 days a week at the local vet clinic. 

School and day-care pickups in the afternoon and then the usual night-time activities. Then during lambing and calving time feed the poddies, or right now check on the hospital paddock (I currently have 3 lambs near the house recovering from a range of injuries from flys to a peaked eye – they are all recovering perfectly).

How did you get into your job: I married a farmer and we moved back to the family farm in 2014 to start helping out and slowly take over the running of the property. My hubby is 3rd generation, and our children will be 4th generation on this property. I have absolutely no qualifications- I have been learning on the job and absolutely love everything about it. 

What are your hopes for the Agriculture Industry: That the government actually realised that we are the backbone of the country and without hard working honest farmers the country would be doomed.

What advice would you give to any women or young girls wanting to get into Agriculture: If you aren’t scared of a bit of hard work, if you love long days working beside your best mate (dogs or partners  😜  ) it is so rewarding. 

I am so lucky to live where we do. I started breeding Speckle Park cattle in 2020 and I am slowly building my own herd of pure breds. We also run Angus cattle, merino sheep and cross bred sheep.

I have 3 young children ranging in ages from 2-9. 

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