Tegan Morris

Meet Tegan. A little lady with a big voice. When she isn’t out and about in yards across the countryside you can find her holding her own at the SELX.

NAME: Tegan Morris

AGE: 26

OCCUPATION: Livestock Agent, Delta Agribusiness, Yass.

WHAT DOES A TYPICAL DAY LOOK LIKE? A typical day in an agents life, is wake up head straight for the coffee shop and start our day. Usually a meeting at the office first thing and then head on out to draft lambs for our Wednesdays sale, draft and weigh lambs for contracts/Auctions Plus, weigh cattle for contracts/Thursday SELX sale and or for Auctions Plus. There is no set start time and there is not set finish time, every day is different and we finish when the jobs are complete. We are always on the phone and always on the road. Can’t complain though, the agents life is very much for me.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO YOUR JOB? I started working as a farm hand back in 2014 where I had minimal experience in the agriculture industry, though with a huge love for the land and was willing to give anything a go. In early 2017 I was approached to help in the sale yards at SELX, Yass with a local livestock agency. Much to my disgust now, I went into this job with no experience in sale yards, couldn’t count sheep and had never had any interest in the market report weekdays at 1pm on ABC radio that my previous employer had always listened to. So I started my career here, counting sheep, penning sheep, taking deliveries and drafting cattle. I also had the opportunity to learn the most important side of the agency, office work. Checking off sales, invoicing, filing and general office duties. With almost 3 years’ experience by the end of 2019 as a livestock assistant, I was approached by Delta Agribusiness to come on board and become a full time livestock agent, this is where I begin my awesome career and have not looked back to this day. With so many opportunities and goals for the future, I striving to become a successful and hard working agent, that everyone can recognize.

DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER QUALIFICATIONS? I am Auctions Plus level 3 accredited, Auctioneer accredited and currently working towards my Class 2 livestock and property license. Also have a Cert 4 in Hospitality for something different.

WHAT ARE YOUR HOPES FOR THE AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY? My one main hopes for the Ag industry is for it to become more and more recognized around the world for the blood sweat and tears, every single person can put into producing their quality products. From any aspect, there are mega highs and of course mega lows from this industry, and the man above always has the control of it all. Though with every season passing farmers are getting rewarded every year with record prices for livestock, much needed rain falling (maybe a little too much now) and since Covid, more and more people and families enjoying a quality well cooked meal of meat and veg at home, which has put a huge smile on all of our faces. I honestly hope we continue to strive to do our best, and continue to be rewarded. Always.


Find the one thing that drives you to do your best and work hard to prove you are capable of anything put your way. Use helpful resources, talk and ask valuable questions to senior colleagues, listen and learn to what they always have to say, everyone has an opinion on how to do something, the most helpful advice will always stick. Its an ever-changing industry, the opportunities are endless and what you love doing will never feel like a job.

One thought on “Tegan Morris

  1. So proud of you Tegan……….It just goes to show any woman can do anything they put their mind to. Keep p the great work. Love you kid


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